Building on our past success, Manetek, Inc. Quality Assurance Program has evolved over the years into a mature system used to control the operations of our business. We have instituted a vigorous program of training and retraining for all employees.

There are a number of reasons why we implemented and sought certification for our ISO 9002 system, including internal improvement, market positioning, supplier control and customer requirements.

Our system is constructed in a cascade fashion of three levels that include a Quality System Manual, which gives a broad overview of our system, and the elements required by the registration bodies. Next, our Quality System Process Flow Charts define how our system operates and the responsible personnel. It essentially details the who, what, when and where things are done. Detailed Work Instructions at the department level further define the system, requiring procedures on how to accomplish a task.

Internal audits and Management Reviews are an essential element of our program that assess direction of our processes and systems. Audit findings and nonconformities are reviewed by a management team and corrective action initiated.

Quality records are maintained to prove what we say we have done and are available upon request for review by our customers.

At Manetek, Inc., we are proud of our accomplishment in certification of our Quality Program and leading the industry among machine shop suppliers as the first in the state to be recognized as such.



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